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Get Involved

In sport, a spectator never experiences the same exhilaration as that of a player who has contributed to the victory on the field. It is the same in the life of a church!

No matter what your gift or calling, there is a team that will suit you and your God given talents.

To find out more about a team, you can call us, see the information desk at church on Sundays, or click the buttons below to email about joining.

Get involved – it’s fun and rewarding!

Weekly Groups

Go church groups are where you can meet each week with a small number of people, meeting to dig into God’s Word together, discussing, growing in understanding, and being challenged to change and grow.

There are groups meeting at night, and groups that meet in the day. There are groups for men, women and mixed groups. There are groups of older people, younger people, and groups with a full spread of ages.

There is a group for you!